Sonntag, 12. März 2017

Creating your time

Hallo. Hello. Hola

Recently my boyfriend hs a heap of hings to do andI keep hearing my mother saying "you don't see each other that much anymore". However it really doesn't feel like we are missing out on each other.

We have been seeing less of each other but we hve found a solutions to this by either seeing each otherfo a few minutes during the week and when runnig arrands at the weekends we will jut go together andgo for lunch.

We always have time for a few minutes and because we spread that time out it really isn't tht bad.

I think it's important to find a way to see each other even if your stuck for time. Even if that means working in the same room on different things.

See you next week.  Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.

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