Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2016

I'm Back!!

Hello. Hallo. Hola

It's Oktober and I am back with stories of my work, studies and life.

I have been working 3 months at the till now and have experienced a lot of interesting characters. But thats a subject for another post. Today I will tell you how I would would treat customers if I mirrored their behavoir.

The Wall

Some Customers will ignore me completely. Part of my job is to say hallo, work speedily, say the total, ask for a payback card, ask if they want a receipt and wish them a nice day. This would go like this:

Me: Hallo
*scan iteams
Customer: *says nothing
Me: That would be .... euros please. Do you have a payback card ?
Customer: *a nod/shake of the head/ignore
Me: Your change of ... euros. Would you like a receipt?
Customer: *a nod/shake of the head/ignore
Me: Have a nice day
Customer: *leaves

(really love these customers)

The Stripper Tipper

Some seem it to be aceptable to throw money at me. If I did that:

Me: *throws back change (which usally consists of coins) 3:)

The Runner

People will put their items on the till wait until I start scanning then go back to the aisle. The thing is I CAN NOT serve others before they haven't paid. So now I'm waiting. Other Customers are waiting. If I did that:

Customer: *puts items on the till
Me: *scan one item (now they can't leave or use a different till, basically stealing if the left.) and leave

You do not understand how many people do this. Someone did this and was gone for 15 minutes + because of one package of meat that wasn't 1.99 but 3.69. Yes there were customers behind him befor he left. Others had to take all their items off the till and go to another.

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See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
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