Sonntag, 26. Juni 2016

The job update

Hello. Hallo .  Hola.

Looking for a job that I could do aside of studying was the topic of the last few months for me. Finding something flexibel and enjoyable was as important as learning new skills and earning an adaqute amount of money

I had gotten some rejctions before being offered a practice job, this being afew days to see if one fits in the team and enjoys the work.Then Iwas asked a question. Do I want a 450€ job or a part time job.Welll I didn't know the diffence.

I did my research

450€ job - max. 20 weekly hours (Around 10- 15 hours) , with an earning limit of 450€ , without tax and you can be relised from paying to the retirement insurence

Part time - wanted: at least  20  hours weekly .  Earning limit 800€ Ffrom which taxs will be taken off and payments to the retirement insurence .  Here the problmatic being that I can lose student status , child money and get kick out of the family insurence .

I would prefer first offer even though I can't earn over 450. Let's see if  I fit in and get the job

See you next week. Bis naechste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
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