Sonntag, 29. Mai 2016

Who wants to work?!

Hello. Hallo. Hola.

Recently I have started studying however the costs are starting to get to me. I have been told by so many adults that I should enjoy study without having to work. The problem the money just keeps going and I am a very good saver.

So I have started looking for a job. This process is extremly draining. this jobs won't be mentally exciting it would really be a job just for the money. Which is sad really.

A saying "Find something you love so you don't have to work a day in your life" this doesn't mean you don't need to work but it means to find a job that you love that it doen't feel like a job.

Now I have to choose if I want to live turning every penny or to work extra hours next to studying. I don't really need the job but it would give me a little more financial freedom.

I would rather invest my time in my homework and projects. However lets see what I will choose I will update you of coarse.

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
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Sonntag, 22. Mai 2016

Paid to stay

Hello. Hallo. Hola.

Recently I began uni and made new friends. We have two months left until we diniah our first semster. Now a uni friend is starting to talk about change unis.

She found a cool uni that offers geoscience. She studies graphic design at a private uni. Here that means she pays school fees, a sum that isn't little. Now she was twlling my Aber this orher uni and how cool it is and how she would love to study there.

Thats not the problem but as I ask her if she want to go next semster she replied she would stay 2 more semsters then leave. In our school other 3 semsters we finish our basic Studies.

However it make no sense that she would stay that long in that time she would pay school fee and not do what she loves. It would make more sense to go next semster start or work if she doesn't get the spot straight away.

I understand that ir may be daunting but it would be a complete waste of her time and money.

How wouls you handle the situation?

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
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Sonntag, 15. Mai 2016

Birthday card drama

Hello. Hallo. Hola

Recently my father had his 50th birthday. This post might caise controversy so bear with me. I am intitled to my opinion like any other.

My dad lives abroad and at his birthday I try to Skype with him to compensate. This year my stepmother whatsapps me asking I got him a card for his birthday. I never send cards I find them unpersonal and unnecessary. So I reply that I don't have a card and that I can't send him his present with the mail anyway because its not material. (I want to go to a sushi restaurant, which he hasn't had since he's met my stepmother because she doesn't like fish. And an afternoon just us two to caught up as we don't see each other a lot.)

However my stepmother was not amused: 
Stepmother : ??? Not sure what that means
Didn't ask about a present...
I only asked if you sent a card, have you?
Me : No
Stepmother : It would have been nice for him to have had a card from you, do you not think?
Me: I know but I didn't want to buy any old card
Stepmother: So buy a nice card!! Or moonpig, you have had enough time, he's 50 tomorrow Samira and now will have nothing to open from you...

So now I was being guilt trip into send my father a card from someone that at no point was an authority figure for me. I never send card and I am absolutely rubbish at making them. The problem with the story is thats she believes my dad needs to open something from me. At this moment I was a little annoyed. My mother suggested a e card, which are extremely ugly. I spoke with my bestfriend and she knows I don't give cards and found the whole argumentation ridiculous. 

In the end I went with my gut. I didn't send a card and my father was happier about the present he got from me then any old stupid card.

This might be just a smalk thing but we should stand up for ourselves even if it would be easier to bend to the general opinion

Have you made any simular experiences. Leave your stories below.

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
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Sonntag, 8. Mai 2016

Who wants to party has no money

Hello. Hallo. Hola.

Recently everyone I know has had a birthday and there are definitely more to come. We go to bars, drink in the park or have a houseparty in the garden with a camo fire and all. This been said. It all adds up quicker then you might think.

Between casual drinking and birthday party hangovers theres a lot to come up for. BBQ party require food and drinks. Birthday partys also require food and drinka plus decorations if your that kind of guy.

I really am Enjoying the more outgoing lifestyle but its expensive!  There are just going to have to be a few partys I cancel because of it.

Do you have any party-money storiea?  Leave your comments diwn below.

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
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Sonntag, 1. Mai 2016

Digging deep

Hello, Hallo, Hola.

Two weeks ago I started studing graphic design and visual communications. I had heard of other uni experiences. How they met their uni colleges and a week of introductions.

My university was differnt. We got homework straight away. The assignment was read a text and wtite an experience to this text. Many having very personal und dark experiences. Now we know that this is part of the end of year exam.

Many say they would of choosen a differnt situation if they would of known. However I believe the university purposely didn't mention this at the begin because of the honesty behind each individual situation. We have to develop artwork linked to this experience.

We also had differnt kinds of lectures and nect week we start with software application and nude drawing.

Do you have any uni experiences to share

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
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