Sonntag, 17. April 2016

Our murder in Amsterdam

Hello. Hallo. Hola

Stepping into his empty apartment we were really shocked. He didn't even show us where the bathroom was so there we sat, snuggled together against the wall, on the floor. We were really scared. We even text our location to friends.

After he proudly told us about his sex experiences with othe couchsurfer and gossiping about a couchsurfer who didn't have th best of hygiene. Making jokes about spilling something in our tea, we tried to be as polite as possible. He started to ignore us completely. He didn't even look at us. As we were getting hungry we need some supplies. Asking him, where we could find plates etc. He only nodded to the kitchen. We didn't want to rumish through all the drawers so we took only the necessities.

Having German manners we wanted to wait for him to finish preparing his own meal so we could eat together however waiting nearly 2 hours we starting eating. He then complained about us using a butter knife to cut our cucumber and called us lazy.

Missing out on a night of going out we eventually slept on the floor and thought about not staying another night. In the morning he aso ignored us.

Close to tge evening I wrote him if he wanted to join us to having dinner. He then told us he has a meeting which he will take us to straight away. After declining and explaining him that we wanted to go out for dinner he then demanded that he pick us up at the restaurant in 30 minutes. After explaining that we didn't want to rush our last dinner he then wanted us to tell him exactly where we were eating and would pick us up there when we were finished.

After the whole ordeal he wanted to take us to the meeting. We told him what our plan was on which he didn't want to go to his meeting. Later he persisted on going to the meeting. However the drugs he took early started to work so he was easy to convince and tease.

The evening end with cheesy compliments and after the drugs weared off ignoring us.

We were so happy when we left the apartment tge next morning and survived the two nights

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See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
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