Sonntag, 10. April 2016

My first Couchsurfing experience

Hello. Hallo. Hola

Recently my friend and I went to Amsterdam for a week. We choose quite a prime time to go so naturally the costs for hostels were tremendous. We tried to organise a host from couchsurfing. My friend had used it before in Australia so we gave it a go.

We booked quite spontaneously so we were desperate. Finally finding a host we were so relieved. Sadly the host was...  Interesting to say the least.

He wrote to tell us he has to work until 23:59, so we would have to wait until then. Which was no problem for us we planned our day so we could entertain ourselves. One plan was a 3 hour walking tour (which was really cool). At 12 o'clock we wrote us that he was already finished and he would pick us up immediately, he had a plan fir the whole day. We were totally shocked,  great that he was so organised but we already had plans and had to explain to him that we had a tour. He wanted to meet us straight afterwards. Not eating before the tour and having no time to eat I was super hangry us he then came to meet us.

I apologised and said I needed to go to a bakery and eat something. He told us he knew a great bakery,  ao we followed him. After 10 minutes being as friendly us possible he told us he forgot where it was but he knew a great pizza place. I was willing to eat anything. A stranger listen to our conversation told us he saw a simular place to the right. Our host who told us he knew the way, followed the strangers directions ( :[ ). We then walked past a kebab shop where our host immediately turned back and showed us that the also sold pizza. Not letting me order he just choose something and I had to pay. However I was so hungry I do not care.

With my pizza, we walked away from the shop and suggested going to our hostel to get our bags. Mateo our host "no first we will go to the wind mill." so we followed again and trusted he knew the way however he was walking a route which made zero sense. After losing all manners we asked where the hell we were going.
"To your hostel"
"Well we are in the complete wrong direction then, you said you knew the way"
"Yes I do we are nearly there."

... We were not and he blamed us for not telling him that we were walking wrong and meant a "different" hostel then he thought of.

An hour and tram discussion later, we had our bags and were on the way to his house. He then joked about where he lived and tricked us too many times. We were starting to get annoyed and scared. Him asking if we trusted him was not helping.

He opened his apartment door and his apartment was empty... Both of us had worst case scenario scenes in our head. What was he going to do?

The story will continue next week

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
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