Sonntag, 20. März 2016

Types of people on the Internet

Hello. Hallo. Hola.

Do you know those people on the Internet that have to comment on...  everything?!  If with a opinion, insults or just plain stupidity. The people who seem to do nothing else then annoy everyone around them and accoring to the twitter feed only comment instead of post themselves. Sadly you can find these types in nearly every social media platform.

Spelling police

This kind of person is extremely popular. On my twitter I posted in multiple languages however my spelling is my downfall in each language. My friends have no problem with it and I am used to getting some witty comment. Recently I posted in a prending hashtag and stranges started insulting me because of my spelling. Even as my tweet showed up in an article about the trend in it's self, people went out of there way just to insult my spelling. I found it quite amusing that these people had nothing better to do and was just cuffed to be in an article. :D 

The normal post

When I posted something totally normal, nothing spectacular and no spelling mistakes ;) I got a reply for some man who, in other words, told me to get a life. As I answered his tweet he then went through my whole twitter feed and commented on nearly every post with mumbo-jumbo. Seriously... Was that entertaining for you?  

In Germany we say to these people "die müssen immer ihren Senf dazu geben" - they always have to give the mustard to things. Basically someone who always have to comment on everything, even if this act is totally unnecessary and annoying. 

Do you know these type of people? Maybe you have some in your friendship group or your family, I know I do.

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana. 
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