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How was the RIver hostel experience?

Hello, Hallo, Hola.

In December I went to explore Valencia and for the first time ever slept in a hostel. Reading internet hostel stories beforehand I wasn't expecting much luxury, this is my review of The River hostel. If you want to read about my Valencia trip click here.

The hostel has a shared dormitories and single rooms and the price ranges from 8 euros - 60 euros depending on the room. It is super central and a perfect distance at that.

The hostel

The hostel itself is very cool and is very well designed. The outside does not compare with inside at all. It has a bar, shelf sofas and is quite artistic. It has free, good wifi everywhere inside. The hostel has a bathroom on each floor and plenty of toilet and shower stalls. It offers breakfast for 2-3 euros however I bought my own food so I didn't try the food there.

The  kitchen 

The kitchen is a medium size lacking a little bit on cutlery and fridge space. The problem with a hostel kitchen is that everyone has their own definition of clean which means that you might have to clean everything you use beforehand. I did find the cleaning cloths extremely disgusting. However the rest of the room was fairly clean.

The room 

I had a mixed room of 10 which was quite spacious I thought. The room itself was quite clean how my sheet was a little dirty when I arrived and when I loóked that the wall ornament it was covered in dust. This been said I found for a hostel room it was totally expectable and nothing you couldn't over look for the price you got it for.

I would recommend this hostel to anyone who is looking for a cheap place in Valencia.

My Stories.

These stories are true but the hostel is not to blame for them. In a hostel you will meet all sorts of people. Most are nice and some are peculiar (to say the least)

Food Fight

For the four days I was there I decided to cook my own food as I thought it would come cheaper that way. However one the second morning I found my food, which was in a closed bag with my name on it, in the fridge, gone! The culprit had taken everything (mushrooms, half a head of broccoli, 2 chicken filets and four slices of beef) expect for my milk. I was prepared for this to happen so I laughed it off and hoped whoever took it had an enjoyable meal.

Heated discussion

A spanish women in my room had happened to notice what had arisen with my food being stolen. She was extremely upset about it which I found nice that so was concerned. As I tried to calm her down and explain to her that it wasn't anything to worry about she continued talking talking to others in the room about other hostel experiences she has had. A few hours we had all gone to bed, at about 1 or 2 in the morning the man parallel to me jumped out of his bed with rage. The english guy was sweating because we had the radiator in the room on. He was fed up with the heat and went to turn it off. The spanish women who slept closes to it woke up and began treating the englishman. She was very angry that he had the guts to touch "her" radiator.She threaten to call the police and for being in a room where everyone else was trying to sleep she was shouting quite loud. Soon both went downstairs to complain about each other at the reception. The language barrier was clearly inevitable. The man came back in and went back to bed. Soon after the women returned and went over to the man's bed and told him to stay out of her way and to never touch "her" radiator again. He replied to her request with a 
"Calm down women. your crazy" The women understand the word crazy continued this dialogue ( she speaking spanish and he speaking english)
"Oh of course, all spanish are crazy. your a pig. You understand? (imitating pig noises) Stay out of my way!"
"Yeah yeah whatever your insane. It 15 degrees outside and you have to heat this room full blast"
"Learn spanish before coming he you stupid pig. Stay out of my way! Don't talk to me! Don't look at me!

The conversation continued a little bit like that until the both went back to bed.

I found my first hostel experience was quite interesting. I would definatly consider sleeping in a hostel again no doubt.

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
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