Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2015

Never been to Valencia? Why?!

Hello, Hallo, Hola.

Everyone needs to explore the World. If that world is very far or very near doesn't matter. My exploration took me to Valencia. A beautiful city full of culture and tourists that want to see that culture. 


I took a Volotea flight. Even though it was a cheap the seats and the service where totally ok for what you got. It was very basic you didn't get a drink or a snack for free but I didn't expect it either. If you ever want to travel around Spain I recommend Volotea is a good competent company.


On my arrival I took the metro that was directly connected to the airport. A ticket was 4,90 euros for a 20 minute journey which might be considered expensive for some. I stayed at the River Hostel however I won'T go into detail about that in this post. Waiting for me was a 4 day adventure with lots of first to experience.

Day 1

Beginning my day I wanted to take part in the free walking tour however on arriving to the Plaza de Virgen, they didn't show up on time and after waiting I while I didn't want to wasted the day so I went to the near by museum "Museo Bellas Arts." The admission was free and it was quite big. The art there was mainly based on Christian art which doesn't really interest me. 

I walked though the streets of the city and encountered a small restaurant tucked away in side streets. Luvanx. I was the only first customer there being quite early for the Spaniards. Nevertheless they cook me my order of a fresh paella and escolpines. This whole ordeal only cost 12 euros and was truly spectacular. 

After have a wonderful lunch I took the bus turistic hop on hop off tour which for 17 euros was more then acceptable. The information of the pre recorded audio was a little boring however the route was very far spread. 

Day 2

The second day I rented myself a scooter as I planed to travel to the further parts of Valencia. Cooltra was the name of the shop and the shopkeeper was very friendly. The prices are very fair, paying only 35 euros for the day. This including insurance. 

MUVIM was the first museum I saw that day. It was not very big but was definitely more up my alley then the one of day 1. Three temporary exposition with photograph and one regular one with paintings in it. On Sundays the admission is free but the usually 2 euro fee is also very inexpensive. I recommend this museum to anyone that is interested in modern art.

The city of science and art is a must-see. I only viewed it from the outside but it is absolutely wonderful. I liked this place a lot.

Museum no. 2 was the IVAM. This was my favourite of the three. It was very big and had multiple rooms with very different kind of artists. Yet again the admission was free on Sundays. There was art for all over the world and all sorts of time frames. A museum for everyone covering a lot of different interests at once. 

I also saw the beach but it was nothing spectacular I must admit.

Day 3-4 

On these days a friend came to visit and we did some catching up. We tried the typically Orxata but we both hated the tase of it and our waiter wasn't surprised as he didn't like the typical Valencian drink either. 

I loved this trip. It gave me a chance to be dependant on myself and I enjoyed my time getting to know a different culture a different city. The hostel was a experience in itself nevertheless I am glad that I booked this trip. It was worth every penny.

I recommend Valencia to anyone. Do you have a must-see place ? Why don't you share it with us in the comments?

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana
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