Montag, 23. November 2015

When friends meet, this happens....

Hello, Hallo, Hola.

As you may know my friend came to visited me for a week. I reviewed the hotel we stay in last weeks  post so check that out if you missed it. I showed him around where I have been living for months now and we went on some new adventures together which I want to talk out today.

Before I begin I have noticed that when you have been away from home. A friend from home will make you want you go home that much more. So if your doing an Au-pair or something similar and you get homesick easily this may not be recommended :D

We saw two new places together: Leon and Coverdonga. One a city full of people and universities. The other in the mountains in the middle of nature. So the total contrast. We loved both places because each had something special.

(I forgot my camera on these days so I only have mobil photos ... :/)


Leon is about 2 hours away from Aviles and is situated in the north-west of Spain. The north of Spain is generally the place to be if you want to broaden your image of Spain. We took the bus to Leon and at this time I would like to praise the amazing bus company. For 8,79 we had the most comfortable bus ride ever with WIFI and individual TV with new-ish movies and series. The city was so beautiful and there was even a book fair. There were so many restaurants and cafes ( we tried a lot, had definatiely to many coffees that day :D ). We had Lunch at Racimo de oro it's a bit pricey but It was amazingly yummy, well prepared. My friend even said he wouldn't mind buy another meal just because it was so good.


For all you nature lovers this is a place to see. There is a beautiful view and a lot of culture. We went with my Au-pair family in the car. we didn't do a tour however my Au-pair parents told us some interesting little facts. Asturias was the only place that didn't get conquered because, one they had a very good king and their county is surrounded in mountains. In Coverdonga there is a church and a boarding school for musical boys. Near to the church there is a fountain from which if you drink it is said you will get married in one year.



Both these places are amazing and I am very happy I got the chance to visit them. I suggest where ever you are go on little expeditions. It's a inexpensive way to see little corners of the world you never know you needed to see.

What little places have you seen that had surprised you? Comment below      

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
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