Sonntag, 15. November 2015

The hotel from Hell

Hello, Hallo, Hola.
Hoteles en Avilés.Hotel El Balcón

My friend came to visit me in Spain for a week and because the family didn't have space for him in the house we looked for a hotel. Every hotel was full and to our luck we got one last room because my Au-pair mother knew the boss. This little place was our only solution.

The room

We were promised a double bed room, which we received. There wasn't much to it all. A bed, two night stands, a chair, a wardrobe, a TV and a bathroom with a shower. For us it was all we need and for the price we payed we didn't expect luxury. However there were a few thing which were not up to scratch. 

The bathroom

The bathroom was a little room with a sink, a toilette and shower. Not much to it really. However there was a massive hole in the wall so you could see into the wall. The shower door were broken and you could hardly close them and sadly the water was super limestoney and the toilette was far to close to the shower that it was quite a squeeze.

The bedroom

This really had everything you needed in a bedroom. the only thing I didn't like was that the cushion was one of those double cushions ( the long sausage thing that is as wide as the bed.) but that may be personal preference. The TV didn't work for one day but the hotel was having trouble with signal and that was hardly their fault. In our room which was on the second floor the internet was very bad.

The restaurant

On the website they show a beautiful room under the category restaurant however it turns out these rooms are always for special events only and that the bar area is actually the restaurant area. They do offer breakfast lunch and dinner but the opening times are quite unclear and do not always agree with the ones on the website. The food isn't too expensive and the potions are medium sized I would say but it is every well cooked!


For 4 euros you can choose between toast, tortilla or a croissant and you get tea or coffee and water or orange juice with it. for 4 euros you can't complain however the potion  was defiantly too little for me.


There is more then enough to choose for. everything for fish to meat and small and big potions. The menu isn't in great detail so you don't really know what your getting but the prices are ok and there are cheap and more expensive options.

The bar

The bar has everything you need from beer, wine to vodka and whisky. with your drink you can get various little tapas ranging for olives until mini paellas. The prices are very good, so if your looking for a place to get drunk you don't have to go far. Here the internet connection is good and there is even an outside area for smokers or those who prefer the outdoors.

The Staff

The staff are super friendly and are maybe the best thing in this hotel. They are always smiling and have a friendly tone. When it comes to paying the are very trusting as there were times it seemed like the totally forgot to charge us. The cleaning lady did wake us every morning because the hotel doesn't have any "do not disturb signs" however this was properly more embarrassing for her then for us. The reception isn't always occupied so if your shy you can wait a long time until some one notices that your wait. We even got a free breakfast on our last day.

There wasn't much to expect for this little hotel and all in all it did the job for the week. It is situated quite a bit outside of town but if your looking for a small cheap solution in Aviles, Spain, The "El Balcon" is very welcoming. 

Do you have any Hotel stories? Then share them in the comments below.

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
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