Sonntag, 8. November 2015

The 6 best ways to de-stress!

Hello, Hallo, Hola.

We all have those days/weeks where we are just swimming stress. Sometimes it not even stress because we have so many things to do. Sometimes your just stressed because your stressed. When this time comes we just need to relax, which is easier said then done.

In Spain I have had some self-discovery moments that haven't been to easy and stress me out definitely more then it should of. Here are my best tips do de-stress yourself.

In through the nose, out through the mouth

This one is very simple, however we often forget the act of breathing. Taking a couple of deep breaths in and out really helps. This one is perfect for those of you who are super busy. It's quick, you can do it anyway and it's natural. ;) Don't underestimate a good deep breath. It works wonders.

Your feet are make for walking.

Take a step outside and just walk it out. Concentrate on your surroundings and let it sink in. I prefer doing this without music because then I can hear, smell and see my surroundings. Music normally involves your phone. But if you really can't go without music make yourself a playlist of relaxing music or your favourite tunes. On Spotify/Youtube you can find playlists if you need some inspiration. However try to avoid looking at your phone as much as possible. Walking is also great way to burn some stubby fat so it relaxes you and is healthy. A win/win!

Slow paced walking isn't something for you. Put your trainers on and jog/run it out. This lets yourself power out all that stress, anger or other pesty emotions you might have.

Am I a King/Queen?

Sometimes Yes. Tuning into your inner Ego sometime is a good thing. All day our thoughts are focused on How to please the boss/ Being nice to that person you despise etc. Take 5 minutes just to think about yourself. Treat yourself to that lovely chocolate cake or to that beautiful pair of shoes. Taking 5 minutes to praise yourself for your achievements works just as well. Give yourself some "YOU-time" 

Let it out

Call your best friend/ mum whoever is right for you and just complain. Have a little vent about your boss or the morning traffic. Doing this in moderation will help you let go. Be careful not to hurt anyone feeling with this or you might have more stress then you began with. However a little vent is absolutely fine and everyone does it once in a while. I usually call my friend or my mum explain I need to vent a little and let it all out. My friend and I sometimes take it in turns to curse it out and at the end we both feel much better. 

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Time a blessing and a curse. It lets us organise ourselves and plan effectively. It also makes us look at the time every 10 seconds and stresses us out! If you can leave any time reading form at home and go through life without time in mind. This might be a little hard. Try it a little at the time. Waiting for the bus, just wait the bus will come like every other day as well. look at your watch every 30 seconds achieves nothing but stress. Why not take a book with you as a distraction form looking at your watch all the time. This will help to make chill yourself out a bit. 

On the count of 3...

This one is my favourite and really helps me. Meditation/ Hypnoses. Ok, ok before you get sceptical. I am not talking about hypnoses like in the movies where your mind controlled. What I mean is 30 minutes of relaxation. 30 minutes is all it takes and time all of us have. On Youtube there are a wide range of meditations you can listen to. For example, just before bed I look through Youtube for a relaxing video. I lie down, listen and chill. This not only help me sleep but it relaxes me for the next day. usually someone will guide you through deep breathing accompanied with some relaxing music. There are even different hypnoses for your every need. For sleep, for self esteem for whatever you may need  at that moment.

Try it out and write in the comments which one works best for you. Or share it with a friend who really need to chill out!

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
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