Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015

Loves/Hates/Not sures 2015

Hello, Hallo, Hola

The world is a wonderful place but there just things you love, hate or are simply not sure about. Below is my September review 


My Luggage will get home!

When I booked my flight by the cheap skate in me went for the "best" deal.. not read everything I realised to late that I couldn't add an extra luggage. Having brought two luggages to Spain I need to take them back. I called the company and the partner company and they told me it was impossible. Then they told me it would cost 70 euros to Barcelona plus 90 euro to Frankfurt which would be 3 times more expensive then the actual flight :O. Why this is in my Love category: I was able to organise that the sister of my Au-pair mum can take my luggage home with her. I was so grateful and was never so happy. I also learnt that there are companies that will send your luggage per post some of them not being to expansive.

Fashion Documentary 

So I don't usually watch documentaries but this one was very interesting. This was recommended by Cutiepie/Marzia on Youtube. A fashion documentary called "the true cost" directed and written by Andrew Morgan about the cost and effort that goes into supplying the western world with new fashion trend. It really made me think and I was guilty of doing some of the things mention. I will try to improve myself and support our fellow workers for a better world. Go check it out. You won't regret it.

Cinema madness

This tip is for all my German speaking readers. The film "Traumfrauen" directed and written by Anika Decker. The cast is fantastic the story is a bit cheesy and the film hilarious. If that hasn't sold you yet the sexy Elyas M'Barek plays in it along side the enchanting Paulina Rojinski and Karoline Herfurth. So If your looking for a film to watch, choose this one.


Stressing yourself out!

I've had this all my life and it's a real pain. I stress myself out about little things and in the end lose all my composer, which annoys me even more. I have the horrible feeling sometimes that I a total annoyance to other people and this month specifically I was not happy with my progress in Spanish. I have learnt a lot and I understand more then at the begin but I have this urge to be perfect right away which is just unrealistic and I know it. This might be confusing for people that don't have this feeling however to make it simple. You stress yourself out about things that are only partially in your power and when you don't achieve the unreachable goal you get frustrated. the worst part is you know your being silly. All you can do is take a minute for yourself, calm yourself down and try to the best of your abilities.

Party in the middle of no where

My friends text me. We are going to a party want to come. Oohh a party great!
Where is it ?
Near [insert place]
Oh ok where exactly? 
Near [insert place]
Hmm ok and is it outside?
It like the party the other day
Oooookkk .... 

by this point you should be weary where you going. However I agreed, got driven there, finding the party in the middle of nowhere. Turns out my friends who were already there were bored already. Suggesting to go home and got to a party near to home everyone agreed. No one did anything and as time past our options where fading. Being in a foreign country without a car and only little language knowledge your quite depended on others. My friend said her boyfriend can drive us home. They then had a fight and we were slowly losing hope. Thankfully we did get home eventually even with a few bumps in the road. Phew!

Getting Sick

Being ill is horrible. The worst thing is being ok enough to walk and do thing but not well enough to go workout it's such a pain and usually last for at least 4 days. Arggghhhh 


Dead Simple

I got the book Dead Simple written by Peter James for my birthday. I am not finished so it in my unsure pile. So far the story is interesting and the book drops you directly into the plot. However I think you easily sass out what is going to happen lets see if I'm right. The one thing I absolutely hate is one character. He is described and as a reader you think he about 8 to 12 years old. A few sentences later you find out he must be a least 17, losing the connection to the character. then a few sentences later you find out he is 26. By this time you lose all connection to the character and the reader doesn't know if the character has an illness or is just stupid. I'll update you one that one if you want when I'm done.

English breakfast conversation

The concept is amazing. You pay for a breakfast and get seated next to new people every time. The rule : only to speak English no matter of the ability. It was super interesting and the people where very different. I think this concept should be spread out more in other countries and is super positive. It also great to meet new people. The down side is for healthy eaters is the foods were super unhealthy and sugary and don't really have a lot to do with a proper English breakfast. This being said it was super interesting.

Comfort Zone

This ones a personal goal. I want to learn Spanish. Knowing this I will need to get out of my comfort zone and practice. being someone who hates being wrong or looked at weirdly or laughed at learning a new language means overcome these fears. I usually don't care what people think of me so why now. This is my dream and my fears won't stop me!

What were your LOVES/HATES/NOT SURES in the month of September tell me in the comments below.

See you next week. Wir sehen uns nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana
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