Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2015

10 things I have Heimweh for!

When away from home you realise what you miss. You even miss things that you didn't really care much for when at home. If it's your surroundings, people or feelings everyone can miss something else. Leaving home can help you grow, returning home will help you love what you missed.

I miss the church bells that ring when the sun rises
That wake me every Sunday without devise
My mums hugs whom hold me tight
Changing my mood from bad to bright

I miss my friends fed up of seeing them on screen
I want to see them in my normal scene
Also my cats I forgot how they purr
and the affectionate phrases I used to slur

I miss the taste of Brezel salty, doughy and warm
A lovely treat, always in perfect form
The hearty Schnitzel dish is a complete contrast
with Spätzle and extra Rahmsoße if asked

I miss my scooter so loud you always know I'm coming
motor heartbeat drumming and  humming
however what also leaves a hole in my heart
a quite house, for Sundays a big part

I miss the sound of my language back home
Now stuck in a romantic Spanish dome
Being known and to know my way was great
Leaving me with a homesick weight

However I will enjoy my time in this strange place
and will tie around my finger a lace
To not forget my home I love
Because I will return on the wings of a dove

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
Mind Ramble