Sonntag, 27. September 2015

Are you the different kind of good driver?

Hello, Hallo, Hola.

Drivings hard, I get it. However some people have their license and you think they must of prided their instructor or won it at the fair. Those people that blatantly know they are driving bad but don't care if the general population lands under their wheels.
Warning: this post is topped with sarcasm. Nevertheless all stories are true and have been witness by myself in the last 2 months.

Thinking outside the box

We all know them and a lot of us find it difficult me included, parking. I'm not talking about slightly over the lines or a bit wonky. No. That can happen to the best of us. I'm talking about those who are so "creative" the think totally outside the box and are a total inconvenience to everyone and frankly couldn't care less.
I went out with my Au-Pair family for a little shop. We parked 3 times and every time I had to either shapestift into my seat or wait until they drove the car forward because it was humanly impossible to open the door. These parkers see a vertical parking spot and say to themselves "let park horizontally for a change."

Stripe blindness

Zebra crossing in the Cambridge dictionary :" a ​place on a ​road, ​especially one where there is a lot of ​traffic, ​across which ​wide, ​black and ​white ​lines are ​painted, and at which ​vehicles must ​stop to ​allow ​people to ​walk​across the ​road."
However knowing this some people unfortunately have Stripe blindness a horrible disease in which they completely oversee Zebra crossings and meanly stare at the person waiting to cross the road. This disease can get so bad that even if you are already on the crossing with a big purple pushchair  and a child that they brake just close enough for you to kiss their bumper.

F1 racers

Basically speeding. I don't need to explain this one however still have a story to tell.
I got picked up by a friend here in Spain. He must of thought he was in every fast and furious film at once. Music booming out of his speakers, windows down and long hair swaying in the wind like a hair advert. Then there's me holding the door for dear life. Blue flashing lights and a policemen later he was asked to stop the car and step outside. Not understanding much i caught snippets, "six points" and "60 euros".After a few minutes he gets in the car looking kind of smug. My other friend explains to me he was supposed to get six points on his license and pay a 60 euro fine, however he told the policemen that he wanted to become a policemen one day too, so they let him off with a warning. From six points to just a warning! Crazy!

Making this story harmless: I've seen a lot of people speeding through the streets. Speed bumps are the solution right? Wrong! People here just drive faster and drive around the speed bumps. they drive on the wrong side of the road just to avoid having to slow down for the bump. Great! Making the road Safe!

The Spanish Bull

Now this I was truely shocked by and it may just be me but I wouldn't dear do this myself. However this one gentlemen was waiting at a red light for me to cross the road ( i had green just to make things clear). No 2 seconds later he speeds past me. He still had red nevertheless must have been in such a rush that normal roads rules don't apply to him. ( this was not solitary case )

Last but not least:

"Home is where I am"

These are the people that stop their car where ever they choose. I see many just waiting in the middle of the road or blocking a whole turn completely. These offenders are harmless, the best one I've seen so far, was a girl and a guy in a big family car. Yes those cars that look like mini vans. She drives into a roundabout and stops on the middle of two lanes blocking not only a an entrance but also an exit. Five minutes later she gets out and her boyfriend swaps seat with her. There is no better place to change the driver then in the middle of two lanes in a roundabout. ( this roundabout only having two lanes to begin with.)

Tell me your stories of bad drivers in the comments.

Bad drivers are good drivers with their own rules.

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.
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