Sonntag, 30. August 2015

Thankful to be thankful

Hello Hallo Hola,

I believe gratitude has to be learnt. You learn it with age and with the experiences you make. More often then not you learn gratitude when you take something for granted (ironically). When that "something" disappears you come to realise what you miss.

During my Au-pair family's vacation I lived with another family with a 10 year old child. Realising that we both were/are quite spoiled, which doesn't have to be negative, you come to think. It can be hard for children to distinguish between being spoiled and dissatisfied and  being spoiled and grateful. The gap between the two can be difficult to understand.

That being said, being unappreciative doesn't just apply to spoiled children. Learning appreciation will show up in many aspects of life. Here are few examples.:

It started with a very simple task useful in daily life, the dish washer. At home this was the house chore I neglected with a passion. Looking back now I don't understand why. It so simple and the thought of hand-washing very plate, spoon or pan is ... terrifying. How it came to this Epiphany? One day I was about to put my dirty dishes in the machine to find clean dishes! Worst case scenario. My initial reaction = close the door, forget what you saw, run away from it. However stopping myself. After doing the chore I know and "love" my Au-pair family was so pleased about such a simple act. So I apologise mum for neglecting this chore.

Another aspect that taught me gratitude was being with another Au-pair family. This family was full of temperament and a bit unorganised. so different to my Au-pair family who are calm and organised. Having this experience at the beginning of my 7 month adventure really opened my eyes. I will strive to work harder and appreciate the people around me.

The last situation was advice I was giving to the 10 year old. She was complaining about life, normal for that age. But listening to my own advice, for once, it made me hope for the future. To teach my future children gratitude and appreciation because having these traits make the world a brighter place and oneself happier.

Take a moment to appreciate the things you have, the opportunities you are given.

See you next week. Bis nächste Woche. Hasta siguiente semana.