Sonntag, 23. August 2015

Join me on the journey of Independence.

Hello Hallo Hola,

I am Samira and this is the blog of a bilingual teenager/young adult. Having just finished with school I've been dropped in the deep end of independence. Learning about the "Real World" is new and exciting, so join me on the journey of life.


I, Samira was born in Germany on the 8th of September 1996. At age 3 I moved to England for 12 years, moving back to Germany with my mum at 14 with our Dog Cookie. In no time we expanded your pet family and got a Cat, Calico, and then another, Miel, and then another, Yuke. After getting my Abitur I currently live in Spain.
Following my dream of being able to speak Spanish I am working as an Au pair for a total of 7 months with the most adorable 3 year old you have ever seen.
Some of my Interests are: running, sports in general, photography, reading, watching Youtube videos ( all the time :D ), traveling, carnival and cats !

 Name: Calico
 Breed: Oriental short hair                    
 Nicknames: Cali, Calheins, Cale                                                  Interests: Catching flies and looking after the  other animals
 ( especially Miel )

Name: Yuke
Breed: European short hair
Nicknames: Yuki, Yuke Puke
Interests: Catching the laser, eating flies and bugs, opening the bathroom cupboard

Name: Cookie
Breed: Labrdoodle
Nicknames: Cookleycoo, Babes, Cooks
Interests: Cuddles, Sleep on the sofa, stealing cakes and other human treats

Name: Miel (right)
Breed: oriental short hair
Nicknames: Mielo, Mielomarcello
Interests: "singing/talking" ( miauing really loud ), being a bully, stealing food.

After this adventure there will come many more, one being studying Graphic Design and visual communication. Come with me and see my Journey to growing up.

See you next week, Bis nächste Woche, Hasta siguiente semana
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